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6 Hair Myths to Ignore

There are so many beauty tips and tricks out there that one can easily get confused. Besides, some of them are not even right. Now with so much information on the same topic one might wonder whether it is possible to distinguish the right from wrong. Well here we have something that you might find helpful. Check out our list of the most common hair myths and learn how to take care of your hair properly!

Hair Myths to Ignore

Low-Fat Diet Isn’t Harmful for Hair

Ok girls this is nothing but a myth. Actually a low-fat diet is the worst that you can do to your hair. You hair consists of protein. So even a small change on your diet might have a bad impact on it. Thus if you stick with a low-fat diet you might end up having thin and weakened hair. Now a protein rich diet on the other hand, will help to improve the quality of your hair aiding their growth.

Everyday Wash Leads to Hair Loss

This is not true. If the roots of your hair aren’t healthy enough then you’ll experience hair loss either ways. Not washing your hair will not prevent this. Moreover by not washing your hair you multiply the risks of experiencing hair loss. So you definitely need to give it a second thought before deciding to not wash it on a daily basis.

Highlights are the Best Option for Extra Shine

It’s not exactly about getting highlights but more about choosing the right hair color. According to hairstylists brunette and auburn tresses work great for extra shine while blonde or grey tones aren’t recommended in this case.

Shampoo is More Important than Conditioner

No matter how good is your shampoo conditioning is a must. Conditioning helps to get smoother effects while protecting your hair from any kind of damage caused by external factors. So always include conditioning in your hair wash routine.

Regular Trims are The Secret Lying behind Perfect Hair

Well yeah regular trims do play an important role but they’re not all you need to get the perfect hair. To achieve the desired results you need to stick with a healthy diet, follow the required hair-care routines and boost up protection.

Hair Myths to Ignore

Everyday Wash is Harmful

Everyday wash isn’t harmful for your hair. In fact research works have shown that everyday wash can actually be beneficial for your hair. By washing your hair on a daily basis you’ll maintain their soft condition making the whole styling process a lot easier.

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