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50 of the Best Celebrity Beauty Habits to Copy

Copying celebrity looks is not strange to us. We emulate their hairstyles and outfits, go for makeup looks and try to wear the fabulous accessories. To help you, we have summed up their secrets of getting a flawless look. We have collected information about the body scrubs and manicures, shampoos and moisturizing products most of them use. Thus, below we present 50 of the best celebrity beauty habits that you might like to copy.

Best Celebrity Beauty Habits to Copy

1.  Emma Stone shares her beauty habit for a faultless skin. She opts for a natural scrub with baking soda and applies it as a great exfoliator. It is an ideal option for a sensitive type of skin.

2.  Alexa Chung is very cautious when applying shampoo. She applies it regularly to skip product build-up and get rid of extra oil.

3.  Everyone admires Blake Lively’s glossy and healthy tresses. She achieves it by applying coconut oil to the tips of her hair.

4.  Copy Olivia Palermo’s beauty habit for a perfect body scent. She reaches for lovely cologne to fight against the smell of sweat.

5.  Nicole Richie isn’t for much makeup but she gives much importance to the application of bronzer.

6.  To make your skin supple, go for a dry brush designed for body, as it acts a great stimulator of lymphatic system. Miranda Kerr prepares a splendid body scrub by mixing sea salt with coconut oil.

7.  Emma Watson is one of the celebrities who have her own beauty habit, worth copying. For a perfect skin, she tries to stay away from stress and be indulged in activities which cause happiness.

8.  Shay Mitchell pays much attention to the application of bronzer. She opts for a body bronzer with a bit shine for a faultless look.

9.  Olivia Wilde likes experimenting with various hair shades. When transforming hair tones, she recommends opting for products with nutritive features, as they won’t cause any harm to your tresses.

10.  Katy Perry has a habit of getting rid of her makeup when getting home after a tired day. In this way, she is able to enjoy her bright-looking skin.

11.  You have probably got tempted with Kendall Jenner’s shiny and slim legs. The secret of her beauty lies in the right choice of a razor and a gel, designed for shaving.

12.  Kate Bosworth gives much preference to products, which don’t require much effort when applying. She opts for ombre shadows, as they provoke a gorgeous effect.

13.  Here is one of the best celebrity beauty habits, followed by Natalie Portman. She advises to stay away from too much eyebrow plucking. Waxing isn’t the best friend of your brows, as well. You had better wear full eyebrows, as they are trendy and attractive.

14.  A perfect workout is an indivisible part of Karlie Kloss’ beauty routine. To enjoy your pure skin and keep it away from acne, you had better sweat. Don’t forget about rinsing your face not only after the workout but before it, as well.

15.  To look amazing and glamorous, you had better copy Kim Kardashian’s beauty habit and create fuller-looking eyelashes. Instead of reaching for one mascara, she applies two various ones.

16.  Mary-Kate and her sister Ashley Olsen have always left us fascinated with their trendy looks. They recommend getting rid of face puffiness with the help of an ice cube.

17.  If you want to have fuller-looking lips, copy Rihanna’s beauty habit and apply your lip eyeliner a bit out of your lips.

18.  Being in a constant stress because of her busy work program, Vanessa Hudgens applies jasmin essential oil all over her body Due to its pleasant smell and relaxing feature, the celebrity comes out of the stress.

19.  When interviewing with Leighton Meester, we learnt about her beauty secret. She is for the application of few products to be able to show off your natural beauty and keep your skin in a healthy state.

20.  To enjoy fuller-looking lips, Candice Swanepoel goes for highlighter and applies it over her cupid bow.

21.  To make your lips stand out, copy Selena Gomez’s beauty habit and reach for a red lipstick. It will brighten your look and bring it to perfection.

22.  Though Kristen Stewart never removes her eyeliner and mascara when going to bed to keep her beauty look in the morning, we claim that it’s an essential rule to follow in order to fight against aging.

23.  Kate Moss evokes envy with her faultless look. She shares her beauty secret with us, advising to combat puffiness and tiredness by soaking your face in a deep dish, filled with cucumber and ice cubes, as it has a skin tightening feature.

24.  Victoria Beckham, a famous celebrity, keeps her body hydrated and gains extra energy by using coconut water as much as possible.

25.  Taylor Swift isn’t deprived of having bedhead looks. The best way to fight against it is to wear a braided hairstyle, swept to one side.

26.  Thicker looking brows are super trendy for this season. Lily Collins wears this trend follows the habit of making her brows thicker for a beautiful look.

27.  Lea Michele has always had a problem with her skin. To diminish the acne, she reaches for a moisture-enhancing cream.

28.  Nina Dobrev gets rid of the dark circles under the eyes with a perfect cream, which conceals them ideally. If you have to sleep just several hours during the night, try one of the best beauty habits, recommended by Nina Dobrev.

29.  Cara Delevingne doesn’t stick to the same product for a long time. She changes them regularly and experiments with various types for a faultless look.

30.  Shailene Woodley’s choice falls on the homemade products. She gives preference to natural remedies. To whiten your teeth, you had better wash your mouth either with coconut or sesame oil.

31.  Chloe Grace Moretz considers that a perfect beauty lies in an amazing makeup and a top knot hairstyle.

32.  Dry shampoo is Amanda Seyfried’s best friend. She sticks to this product each day and diminishes the hair washing time. This product provides her tresses with a fantastic look.

33.  Get your inspiration from Lucy Hale’s beauty habit and opt for a makeup brush to spread your foundation smoothly.

34.  Jennifer Lawrence claims that taking a bath in hot water before going to bed, makes your body calm down and restores its glow.

35.  We admire Ariana Grande’s ponytail hairstyle. To achieve this fabulous style, she goes for argan oil and spreads it on her tresses before sleeping.

36.  Mila Kunis shares her beauty secret with us and claims that to achieve an ideal body you should work out almost each day. To enjoy your faultless skin, you had better exercise your body and use much water.

37.  To have long and healthy tresses, you should reach for Vitamin B like Bella Thorne.

38.  Diane Kruger proves that you aren’t obliged to go for expensive products in order to look amazing. She rinses her face with the help of a cleansing bar.

39.  When preparing for a great night, Zoe Saldana matches the color of her nail polish with her outfits. For a festive look, she likes to wear glittery fuchsia on her nails.

40.  Applying seaweed masks are one of the beauty habits Rachel McAdams’ follows. After applying it on your skin, you will see a great improvement.

41.  When it’s hot outside, you are advised to take a shower in cold water. Lauren Conrad claims that it gives your tresses the desired glow and keeps your skin soft.

42.  Instead of suffering from heavy workouts, which don’t give the expected results, Gwen Stefani recommends getting indulged in activities which are easy and pleasant. Invite your friends to accompany you and enjoy both your time and the result.

43.  To make her beautiful eyes stand out, Rachel Bilson opts for a smoky eye makeup, using earthy shades and blending them ideally on her eyelids.

44.  If you are tempted to know how Lorde achieves a perfect pout, copy her beauty habit. Before applying her cool lipstick, she fills in her lips with the lip liner.

45.  Kelly Osbourne fights against the blackheads and other imperfections of her skin by reaching for natural facial masks.

46.  The Floridian beauty Kate Upton is fond of wearing nude shadows on her eyes, which make her skin look glittery.

47.  If you want to have a faultless complexion like Rosie Huntington –Whiteley is to opt for a sunscreen with a moisturizing feature. It provides high protection when being in the sun for a long time.

48.  Kate Hudson creates her stunning beauty with her own hands. She reaches for CC cream, applies concealer, topping it off with bronzer. Swiping mascara is the final step of her fabulous beauty.

49.  For a healthy and glowy skin you had better copy Michelle Williams’ beauty habit and drink green juice. Having a glass of it each day is quite enough.

50.  Whitney Port gives much importance to the sleep when creating her beautiful look. She sleeps for 8-9 hours, goes for skin moisturizing and doesn’t forget about rinsing her face.

Fashion is demonstrated mostly by celebrities, that is the reason we all try to copy the best of their beauty habits.

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