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5 Amazing Makeup Tricks for Dry Skin

A special makeup trick is required when dealing with dry skin. Having a shiny and bright complexion is everyone’s dream and to get it in case of dry and itchy skin, it becomes a real problem. However, not everything is lost, as there are several amazing makeup tricks for dry skin.

Amazing Makeup Tricks for Dry Skin

1.  The Great Power of Skin Exfoliation

Before applying your makeup, you should make your skin ready for it. To fight against your skin dryness, you should go for exfoliation. In case your skin isn’t sensitive, you are recommended to exfoliate it frequently (twice a week). To add softness to your dry skin you had better apply scrub high in safflower oil. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of your dry skin. Don’t forget about moisturizing in order not to face a drier skin afterwards.     

2.  Hydrate Your Skin

Skin hydration is one of the amazing makeup tricks for dry skin. Before reaching for a moisturizing product, apply hydrating spray on your skin. It makes the moisture stay in your skin, giving it a soft and a subtle touch. However, for a perfect base, you should apply primer on your face, which will make your makeup stay long. Look for a primer high in coconut water to provide your skin with extra nourishment.

3.  The Great Role of Layering

To fight against dry skin, it’s essential to go for a perfect layering, which will also help you create a faultless makeup. Opt for a cream-based moisturizing product which has a hydrating feature, top it off with a serum and then reach for an essential oil. It acts as a great protectant against dirty environmental elements.   

4.  Avoid Applying Powder

While you may apply any type of foundation or stick to a tinted moisturizing product to make your dry skin damp and get an even finish, you should avoid wearing powder on your face and reach for a makeup spray. Powder has a drying feature and will give your skin a dull finish.

5.  Add Softness to Your Body

Using body lotion on a wet skin is one of the amazing makeup tricks you should go for. In cold winter months you had better stick to body oils. This product protects the skin against cold and heat, which may give rise to dryness. You are also advised to wear gloves and socks made of cotton to protect the skin of your hands and feet from drying.

To make your dry skin supple and smooth, take your guide from these striking makeup tricks and achieve your goal effectively and easily.


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