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2015 Beauty+Health Trends To Stay In A Good Shape

Just as fashion and beauty trends there are also certain health trends that are becoming more and more popular nowadays. With the development of the technologies we see all kinds of new ideas referring to a health-maintaining program. This time we decided to create a list of the main beauty and health trends of 2015, that’s what we would like to have your attention focused on at this point. So here’s what we’ve got!

2015 Beauty+Health Trends To Stay In A Good Shape


Cryo in Greek means ”cold”. So pretty much you can tell what this therapy assumes. We’re talking about -240 Farenheit degrees. Can you handle it? Sounds like a challenge doesn’t it? According to New York Times magazine a 3-minute procedure will help you to burn about 800 calories. Besides it will boost your immune system protecting you from all kind of viruses. Also it’s believed that the cold temperature is very beneficial for the skin as it stimulates collagen production improving the condition of your skin.

Broth Meal

Yes, we left juicing back in 2014. Brothing is on the top list now among the latest beauty and health trends. According to our reliable sources one meal a day with a cup of broth for about three days can have miraculous effects. Broth intake will improve your metabolism, develop your muscles and even help to fight against wrinkles and cellulite.

Skin Laundry Signature Laser & Light Treatment

This is a skincare company well-known for using laser and light treatment to fight against bacteria and vaporize dirt. The whole procedure takes about ten minutes and costs 100$. The name of this beauty procedure is ” Skin Laundry Signature Laser & Light Treatment”. During the procedure the lasers stimulate collagen production and break down pigment. The results? A healthy, clean and bright skin!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils will mark their big comeback this year. Well-known for their innumerous health benefits the latter are very popular worldwide. So if you’ve never used essential oils before it is time to start considering adding them on your own list.

Aloe Vera Juice

It has a weird taste, but the results are totally worth the experience. Experts claim that Aloe Vera juice will help you to achieve the healthy, flawless skin that you’ve been dreaming of while improving your body’s immune system. Of course by mentioning Aloe Vera juice we’re not talking about the gel made for sunburns but the actual juice derived from the plant.

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