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20 Best Pregnancy Outfits That Are Comfortable & Trendy

20 Best Pregnancy Outfits That Are Comfortable & Trendy

These comfortable and stunning outfits make you look elegant as you prepare for your big day.

If you are on the lookout for comfortable pregnancy outfits, then we are glad to inform you that you are so in the right place. Today, in this article, we shall provide you with amazing ideas to help you rock your pregnancy clothes. Keeping in mind that comfort should be given the utmost importance while picking a pregnancy outfit, we have curated some cool options that are totally worth trying. Take advantage of that pregnancy glow that you have right now and flaunt some amazing looks while you impatiently wait for the little bundle of joy to light up your world. All you will need to do is, scroll down and pick the one your heart desires. So without any delay, go ahead and get started with your pregnancy outfit hunt! Come on!

20 Best Pregnancy Outfit Styles

1. Strapless Maxi Dress


Are you preparing for a photoshoot or going for a party? Wear this ethereal-looking blue strapless maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline. It’s effortless, stylish, and comfortable. With a beautiful bump popping out, you need no other accessories, quite literally.

2. Black Noodle Strap Dress With A Hat

Black noodle strap dress with a hat for pregnancy photoshoot


Are you missing your little black dress? But, why? There’s nothing cuter than a pregnant woman in a noodles strap or an LBD that’s well fitted. Throw on a hat to protect yourself from the sun, and sport some wedges if you can pull off elevated footwear. Or, just go for some cute converse shoes.

3. Pencil Skirt And A Turtle Neck Top

Pencil skirt and a turtle neck top for pregnancy photoshoot


Are you shying away from wearing skirts, especially anything well-fitted? Look at this uber-cute maternity outfit that will change your perception. The pencil skirt can be teamed with a funky looking turtleneck top to spruce up your outfit. You can also keep it simple by pairing it with your regular fitted T-shirts. Doll up in big hoops, a chignon updo, and ballerinas.

4. Shorts And Long Top

Shorts and long top for pregnancy photoshoot


I know most pregnant women avoid wearing shorts for various reasons, but maternity brands have tackled this too. So, if you are not comfortable with your regular shorts, get yourself pregnancy shorts that come in a stretchable material.Pair it with a hip length asymmetrical top. Cute and chic!

5. Asymmetrical Floral Dress

Asymmetrical floral dress for pregnancy photoshoot


If you are working throughout your pregnancy, I think you should totally slay it with bodycon dresses like these. They look elegant, classy, and chic!

6. An Off Shoulder BodyCon Dress

Off shoulder bodycon dress for pregnancy photoshoot


We all love our off-shoulders and would never want to part ways with it. Luckily, you don’t have to. Will you now trust me when I tell you that maternity clothing is a big deal? Couldn’t have been more grateful!

7. One Piece Kaftan Dress

One piece kaftan dress for pregnancy photoshoot


While you should try and avoid dresses that are too loose and billowy just because you are conscious, there are other ways to deal with it. Like a kaftan dress that is not too figure hugging but cinches at the waist, adding definition to your dress.

8. Plain Midi Dress And A Striped Jacket

Plain midi dress and a striped jacket for pregnancy photoshoot


Add layers to your midi or bodycon dresses if you are feeling conscious, or even otherwise too. Ditch your regular sweater for a striped flowing jacket like this one or something that is stylish and chic.

9. Kimono With Shorts Or Skinny Jeans.

Kimono with shorts or skinny jeans for pregnancy photoshoot

If you have always been a fashionista like this mom-to-be, then you can continue to be that during your pregnancy too. Come fall or winter, throw on a tank top, a kimono for coverage, boots, and a scarf – just like you always did. Or, if the weather still permits feel free to throw in them, shorts, tank top, and a kimono, which is equal parts comfortable and chic. Winter, pregnancy or anything else should not stop you from being yourself.

10. Bohemian Dress

Bohemian dress for pregnancy photoshoot


Boho is the new frenzy, and it has caught on like wildfire. Since Bohemian dressing is all about flowing and breathable clothing, they are totally meant for moms-to-be. So, go all out with those chic Bohemian dresses.

11. Black Formal Dress

Black formal dress for pregnancy photoshoot


A black or any bold colored formal dress with ballerinas will make your work or formal wear interesting – you don’t have to be stuck with anything boring or old.

12. A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit for pregnancy photoshoot


There’s something about pregnant women wearing jumpsuits. It’s just an incredibly cute sight. And, if you can pair your suspenders with interesting tops like this one, nothing like it.

13. Track Pants And A Fitted Top

Track pants and a fitted top for pregnancy photoshoot


Yoga and sweatpants are the most comfortable clothes for pregnant women. With a loose oversized T-shirt like this one, it’s just like comfort food. But wait, you can still keep it loose and stylish. Wear a well-fitted tank or a T-shirt and throw on a cute shrug.

14. FItted Skirt And A Loose Sweater

Fitted skirt and a loose sweater for pregnancy photoshoot


Like we just discussed, you do not have to shy away from fitted skirts and tops. If you are still not sold on the idea of a fitted top, wear a pashmina or a loose sweater and pair it with boots. Perfect maternity clothing for winters.

15. Floral Chiffon Dress

Floral chiffon dress for pregnancy photoshoot


Chiffon is smoothing, non-sticky, and comfortable, just how maternity outfits ought to be. Pair your knee length chiffon dress with knee-high boots to bump up your style.

16. Polka Dots Dress

Polka dots dress for pregnancy photoshoot


No pregnancy is complete without black stripes or polka dot dresses. A design that is a staple in maternity outfits, don’t miss out on this classic dress. You will make it your go-to dress, trust me!

17. Sweater Dress With Plaid Or Denim Shirt

Sweater dress with plaid or denim shirt for pregnancy photoshoot


Raise your hand as you read this if you are a sucker for a sweater or a T-shirt dress with a plaid or denim shirt. If not, raise your standards. (Cliche, I know!) Because this is a classic and will never go out of style, no matter what!

18. T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dress for pregnancy photoshoot


Speaking about T-shirts, here we go. A knee-length T-shirt dress with shoes, bandana, and sunglasses will never cease to look beautiful.

19. Distressed Jeans And Cold Shoulder Tops

Distressed jeans and cold shoulder tops for pregnancy photoshoot


Yes, you guessed it right, maternity brands have distressed jeans too. So, go on, rock it sister. You could just wear simple tank tops or make it a little fun with cold or off-shoulders!

20. Asymmetrical T-shirt Dress

Asymmetrical t-shirt dress for pregnancy photoshoot


You will end up with a lot of one-piece dresses during your nine-month pregnancy. While at it, get your hands on asymmetrical dresses and style away!

Thanks to talented designers, pregnancy is not only about eating right and exercising regularly but also about flaunting those cute, comfortable, and elegant pregnancy outfits. From strapless maxi dresses to asymmetrical floral dresses, the options are plenty. Our favorite is the off-shoulder bodycon dress that looks equal parts glam and convenience. So, now it is your turn to choose your looks and flaunt that baby bump. We are sure that these styling ideas will land you countless compliments. So, go on and take all the shine. Don’t forget to click photos of yourself, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage do you start wearing maternity clothes?

You can wear maternity clothes just before the second trimester when the baby bump starts showing and regular clothes get tighter.

Can I just buy bigger clothes instead of maternity?

Yes. Bigger clothes are comfortable and allow better air circulation

Will tight pants hurt pregnancy?

Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy is not recommended. While they will not harm the pregnancy, you will feel extremely uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. Additionally, they can obstruct blood circulation, and lack of enough air can cause infections.

What should I wear in the first trimester of pregnancy?

It is recommended to avoid tight clothing even in the first trimester. Even though you are not showing, you could feel bloated, and morning sickness might keep you feeling queasy throughout the day. It is better to wear clothes that allow you to breathe.

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