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15 Pro Makeup Tricks to Follow

It’s a subject of interest for us how experienced makeup artists achieve fantastic results. Though we do our best to create a bewitching makeup look, the result isn’t satisfying. To achieve a fascinating makeup look, have a look at these 15 pro makeup tips and tricks.

1.  Get a Glowy Base with a Moisturizing Product

An essential product, used by each experienced makeup artist is a moisturizer. It is applied without any skin type restriction and has a hydrating feature. Moisturizer is also responsible for a glowy base and dewy complexion.    

Pro Makeup Tricks to Follow

2.  Use Eye Drops to Fight Ruddiness

Eye drops are high in ingredients, which make the blood vessels narrower, thus making the ruddiness of your eyes disappear. The same makeup trick is used when dealing with pimples. Soak a cotton ball into an eye drop and apply it on the affected area. Wait for several minutes, and make the ruddiness vanish.   

3.  Make Your Skin Brighter with Primers in a Peach or Apricot Shade

Primers in a peach or apricot shade have a great role in a skin brightening process. They fight against exhausted skins, and are recommended mostly for women having dark skin tones. The tinted primer is ideal against hyper-pigmentation and has an ability of neutralizing the dark circles under the eyes, which may be in blue and violet shades.

4.  Apply Powder after Primer to Elongate Your Makeup

To provide your makeup with longevity, you are advised to follow one of the pro makeup tricks and apply powder after primer and only then layer with foundation. This trick is really magical though it seems rather strange. Just spread your primer and then top it with sheer powder, as it will prevent the creasing of the primer. However, you should be limited in the application of your powder to skip a cakey look.    

5.  Apply Foundation with a Makeup Sponge

Each makeup artist’s beauty secret is in the right application of products. The unique form of the makeup sponge gives you a chance to contour your face perfectly. Consider that the makeup sponge should be applied when it’s wet to achieve faultless application and to skip heavy makeup. It appears in different shades and sizes.   

6.  Fight against Peach Fuzz

Shaving the baby hairs isn’t a great idea if you want to make them disappear. You may opt for another pro makeup trick and make the peach fuzz become unnoticed. Just spread foundation, layer it with powder and make your makeup brush go over your face, using downwards movements. This trick will prevent the baby hairs from sticking on your face.     

7.  Go for Blush, Bronze as well as Highlighter Before Applying Foundation

Bronzer and blush with a creamy formula as well as highlighter are essential before applying your foundation, if you want to achieve a natural skin glow.  

8.  Apply Little HD Powder

If you wonder when noticing celebrities with baby powder applied on all the face, it’s because HD powder is overused. Some experts claim that this product should be skipped when taking photos. HD powders are packed with silica (100%), which has a light reflecting feature, especially if you spread it on the dry skin. The most essential tip is to apply just a little of this product and stick to the moisturized areas like T-zone, as here the skin is oily. This makeup hack fights against the flashback.     

9.  The Importance of Color Theory

Opting for right colors is the key of a perfect makeup look. You may go for the wrong shades, which want work with your skin tone, thus making a great makeup mistake. It is proved that opposite shades create magic, such as applying green concealer on red acne, as in this case it will be much easier to cover the affected area. You should also consider your skin undertone as well as color of your eyes and find the best shade for them. For instance, green eyes will be emphasized with violet eyeshadows.  

10.  Achieve Natural Brows with the Help of Thin Strokes

To make your brows look natural in case they are sparse is to opt for thin strokes, as they will create an illusion of natural-looking hairs. Reach for an angle-formed brush or opt for a small artist brush to draw thin strokes. A thin eyebrow pencil may also serve. Then opt for a brow gel with a texture-enhancing feature to make your brows look fuller.   

11.  Right Placement of Shadows to Make Your Eyes Larger

To widen your eyes, follow another pro makeup tip and skip applying deep tones on your eyelids as well as waterline. Replace them with light shades to open your eyes and make them larger. When dealing with the tone of the crease, go for blending, starting from the inner eye corner and stretching to the front part of your eyebrow.  

12.  Fake Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is quite attractive but not everyone can create it because the shape of their eyes doesn’t allow it. Fortunately, there are pro makeup tricks, which help you fake it. Make your eyes look longer with the help of winged liner. In case of round-formed eyes, apply dark-toned pencil along your bottom waterline, stretching it into the interior edge. You may try another trick and create a tiny triangular-formed point on your interior eye edges with a dark-toned liner, stretching along the natural eye shape.    

13.  Enhance the Growth of Lashes and Eyebrows with Castor Oil

It happens frequently that you go for over-tweezing your brows when being young and now suffer from it. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy for it, which will make your eyebrows and eyelashes grow quickly. Castor oil is packed with ricinoleic and Omega-3 acids which have a nourishing feature and enhance the hair growth. Use a Q-tip or reach for a mascara wand for castor oil application on your brows and lashes.    

14.  Apply Rosebud Salve for a Glowy Touch

Rosebud salve is one of the products, which calms down irritation and may be applied on any part of the body. Stick to rosebud salve as a lip balm for a glossy touch or spread it on your eyelids as well as cheekbones for the same purpose.  

15.  Apply Powder on Your Lips To Have a Long-Lasting Lipstick

Layering your lipstick with powder is one of the pro makeup tricks to give it a long life. Take a lip liner in a nude shade and go for lip lining, followed by filling. Then, wear a lipstick, using a lip brush and layer with sheer powder.

Take into account all the essential pro makeup tricks and follow them with great attention. Be reasonable to carry out all the steps if your goal is to create a faultless makeup look.


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