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15 New Uses of Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil shouldn’t be argued upon. Coconut oil is very useful when used in various diets and is great in the beauty industry, as well. Check out these new uses of coconut oil in your beauty routine and experiment its benefits on your own skin!

New Uses of Coconut Oil

1.  Coconut oil may be a great substitution for shaving cream. To carry out an even shaving without any burns and cuts, caused by razor, you may combine coconut and jojoba oils together with shea butter.

2.  Use coconut oil as a scrub on your face. Just combine coconut oil with brown sugar and the mixture will replace the dead cells with the new ones, taking away the blackheads, as well.

3.  Apply coconut oil on your hands or reach for a washcloth, then spread the product on your skin. Wait for a minute and use lukewarm water to wash the product off your face. It will help you get rid of even the waterproof mascara. Make sure you don’t apply the coconut oil into the eyes.

4.  Cold winter months cause damage to the skin of your hands. Replace your favorite lotion with coconut oil and apply it on your cuticles to provide moisture.

5.  Take a container and mix the remnant of your lipstick with coconut oil (a teaspoon) using a Q-tip. Thus, you will be able to use your lip gloss more than once.

6.  Coconut oil is packed with fatty acids and is high in antimicrobial and antifungal features, which means that it’s great for cleaning your makeup brushes. Just combine antimicrobial soap (2 parts) and coconut oil (1 part) and apply it on the bristles of your brush.

7.  Coconut oil may be used as a deodorant, as its lauric acid is able to fight against bacteria, which is the main reason of sweating and an unpleasant smell. However, you should consider that coconut oil doesn’t prevent sweating at all.

8.  To enjoy fuller-looking and elongated lashes, you may reach for coconut oil and just spread a bit on your eye lashes. You may perform it with the help of a cotton ball. Skip overusing coconut oil, otherwise your eyes will be irritated.

9.  Coconut oil is beneficial for your sensitive skin, as it’s packed with a moisturizing property. It’s essential to test coconut oil on your skin before waxing and get assured that you are far away from being allergic.

10.  To fight against eczema, you may reach for coconut oil. It brings your ruined and unhealthy skin to life, as it has a molecular structure, which enhances absorption. Don’t forget about testing to be aware of your allergic level.

11.  Due to the antifungal features of coconut oil, you may diminish or get rid of dandruff.

12.  Besides fighting against dandruff, coconut oil goes deeply into the scalp, becoming a conditioning treatment. In case of thin-textured tresses, apply just a little coconut oil on your wet hair. However, if your hair is thick in texture, you may apply more of this amazing product. Let it stay for an hour and then go for shampooing and conditioning.

13.  Go for another use of coconut oil and combat frizz. Just a teaspoon of this product is enough to fight against flyaways. If you apply it too much, you will get oily hair. Use your hands to spread coconut oil into your tresses.

14.  To make your teeth look whiter, you may prepare fabulous toothpaste by mixing equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil.

15.  When dealing with fungal infections, you may combine coconut oil and antibiotics as they are great for this problem.

Create a beautiful look with coconut oil and use it for different purposes. Enjoy both your healthy tresses and nails. Make your skin soother and softer with coconut oil, as well.

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