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13 Things Every Plus-Sized Girl Needs To Hear

13 Things Every Plus-Sized Girl Needs To Hear

Tall, short, plump, thin, skinny, or curvy, we’re all different. But for some reason or the other, people find it pretty cool to comment on you, especially if you are oversized. While a lot of us get the flak for being ourselves, others get depressed for becoming targets every time for some free and useless advice. From your friends, colleagues, and family to the annoying neighbors, everyone has something to say about your figure. Here are 13 things that every plus-sized girl needs to hear.

1. When People Call You Beautiful, Believe Them

People Call You Beautiful

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I know you feel like you do not fit into the category of beautiful and gorgeous people. I understand it’s hard, but the moment you stop admiring those skinny models on the cover pages of magazines and start looking at yourself, that’s the time you will realize that you are beautiful.

Stop finding flaws in yourself. When people compliment you, it’s because they really find you beautiful.

2. You’re Stunning Because Of Your Body

Stunning Because Of Your BodyStunning Because Of Your Body

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You must accept the fact that beauty comes from inside and outside. I personally believe that every person is beautiful, and we are much more than our bodies.

3. You Need Not Exercise Regularly Just To Feel Better About Yourself

Not Exercise RegularlyNot Exercise Regularly

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Many people believe that someone who is fat should exercise as much as possible to prove that they’re committed towards their weight-loss program. Trust me, that’s just a silly thought, as if accepting the way you are is a sin. Yes, exercising regularly does have many physical and mental health benefits, but you need not do it to prove anything to someone else.

4. Your Boyfriend Can Lift You Off Your Feet Without Breaking His Back

Without Breaking His BackWithout Breaking His Back

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Umm… yes, that’s true! This just happened with one of my friends. She is considerably heavier than she was few years ago (now, she is almost 50 pounds heavier!). When she met her boyfriend after a year, she ran up to him for a hug, and he literally picked her up with her heels in the air. That moment was just magical.

And, he didn’t suffer any back injury after that!

5. It’s Absolutely OK To Fall In Love With Yourself

Fall In Love With YourselfFall In Love With Yourself

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It is always an amazing experience when you fall in love with yourself, and there is nothing weird about it. It doesn’t make you vain or narcissistic in any way. In fact, it is quite liberating in every form.

6. Sometimes It’s OK To Have Days Where You Don’t Like Yourself And Your Body

Yourself And Your BodyYourself And Your Body

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It’s absolutely fine to go through some days where you start hating yourself for the body you have. Allow yourself to go through such weak days. Cry, sob, yell, and throw things around. But after that, get up, brush yourself, and put your best foot forward and move on.

7. There Are Men Who Prefer Large Ladies, And By Large, I Mean All Large Sizes

I Mean All Large SizesI Mean All Large Sizes

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There are a lot of people who prefer curvy ladies over skinny girls. You need not settle for a lover who is “just okay” with your body. You have the right to find someone who likes you along with your body.

8. Your Arm Flab Is Not At All Embarrassing

Not At All EmbarrassingNot At All Embarrassing

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No, it’s not! Trust me, your arm flab is not at all embarrassing. After all, it’s a part of your body, and you should love whatever you have.

9. As The Saying Goes, ‘Fat Chicks Bang Hot Guys’

Fat Chicks Bang Hot GuysFat Chicks Bang Hot Guys

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We all are aware of the fact that plump chicks usually date hot guys. After a survey, it was found that the above average boys or we can say, hot dudes, who are usually fit and muscular, are in a relationship with girls who are on the heavier side.

10. You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Wear Whatever You WantWear Whatever You Want

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Throw the style rules out of the window and feel free to wear whatever you want. Wear a bikini, or skinny jeans, or even sweatpants. Wear whatever makes you happy!

11. Everyone Gets Rolls On Their Tummy, It’s Not Just You

Gets Rolls On Their TummyGets Rolls On Their Tummy

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You get rolls on your tummy because of the extra fat you have – just let this thought get out your way! Everyone gets tummy rolls when they bend. Trust me, everyone!

12. Uneven Boobs Are Common With Everyone

Uneven BoobsUneven Boobs

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If you have a lot of boobs, then I’d prefer you visit a doctor. But, if you have just two boobs, and they’re uneven, then I suggest you worry about other things that are more important and sensible.

13. Your Fears Are Untrue – Riding While Having Sex Will Not Cause Any Damage To Him

Riding While Having Sex Will Not CauseRiding While Having Sex Will Not Cause

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Your fear is totally false, and you need to overcome the apprehension that your partner will get hurt because of you.

Ladies, we are all perfect the way we are. We need not pressurize ourselves to be thin to fit in with the group of skinny or well-maintained girls.

Hope you liked the article. Do share your views in the comments box below.

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