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11 Pro Hair Tricks From Hairstylists

Are you jealous of people who always show up with a perfect-looking hair? Well believe it or not it’s all about mastering certain hair tricks. So to achieve an effortless yet flawless hairstyle you just need to find out what pro hair tricks hairstylists use. Well it’s time to reveal their secret! So take a look!

Pro Hair Tricks From Hairstylists

Know How to Deal with Greasy Hair

Avoid everyday wash as that might increase oil production. What you can do instead is stick with dry shampoo or use baking flour or baking powder to get the desired effects. Besides there are some super cool second-day hairstyles that you can wear. So you might consider that alternatives as well.

Conceal Gray Strands

You can always rely on mascara when it comes to concealing gray strands. Although it’s a temporary solution it can be the best option for you if for some reason you can’t get an appointment with your hairstylist.

Go for a Messy Bun

Messy hairstyles still remain on the top charts of the most wanted hair trends. So take advantage of the trend and rock an effortless yet super cute style!

Style your Bangs

Sometimes you can get a runway look by just styling your bangs. So if for some reason you don’t have much time to work on a complicated look you can just style your bangs and head to work/class. Now if you need some extra volume to be added you can just grab a toothbrush (unused) and use it to tease your hair and get the desired look.

Smooth Out Flyaways

Don’t know how to do that? Well easily! All you need to do is grab a dryer sheet and rub it over the top of your head to smooth out the flyaways. Avoid using a scented sheet in order to avoid having smelly hair for the entire day.

Work on the Texture

Did you know that you can work on the texture of your hair with ocean water? Amazing, isn’t it? Thus to achieve the desired effects, you just need to combine leave-in conditioner with sea salt and apply it on your hair.

Fight against Frizz

If you hate it when your hair gets frizz (and we know you do) then this is the perfect solution for you. Apply a bit of access hand lotion on your hair (not directly but by rubbing through with your hands) and enjoy the results!

Nourish Dry and Damaged Hair Properly

Apply coconut oil mask on your hair, wrap it with a towel and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash and condition as you usually do and enjoy having soft and shiny hair!

Gather your Hair into a Ponytail before your Sleep

Comb your hair, gather it into a low pony and then go to sleep. Enjoy a showing off a well-polished look the morning after!

Wear a Headband to Hide the Roots

If you haven’t dyed your hair yet here’s what you can do! Wear a trendy headband or a hair ribbon to hide the roots and show off a stylish look. Isn’t it a great idea?

Make Hair Look Longer and Fuller

Wondering how? Easily! Use clip-in extensions and achieve the desired effects within few minutes!

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