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101 Beauty Tips and Hacks Every Woman Should Know

With so many beauty tips and tricks out there sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what’s right and what’s wrong for your beauty regime. Luckily you have us! Thus considering your interest in the topic we decided to create a whole list of the most effective 101 beauty tips and hacks that every woman should know. So take a look!

Beauty Tips and Hacks Every Woman Should Know

1.  Summer makeup should be minimal. Heavy makeup will be completely ruined by the end of the day and your look will be total disaster. So never wear heavy makeup on summer season.

2.  Decide what look you want to wear first and then walk to the makeup counter. Never make a final decision while you’re already in the process.

3.  Always keep your cuticles well-hydrated. Apply excess eye cream on your cuticles if needed in order to achieve the desired effect.

4.  For more long-lasting effects use blotting tissue to remove excess makeup from the needed areas. Finish off with concealer to keep everything in place.

5.  Note that a good perfume must consist of the blend of balanced notes that create a calming scent.

6.  To avoid color-fading in the summer we try using conditioner on weekly or monthly basis.

7.  Breakout before a big event? Well consider taking oral cortisone couple days before the event and see the results.

8.  Opt for eyeliner formulas that come with guaranteed long-lasting results and enjoy looking perfect for the rest of the day.

9.  Note that blush should start about two fingers down from your nose.

10.  Always start your makeup routine with a hydrating cream and a primer.

11.  Always balance shimmery eyes with a matte lipstick or vice versa.

12.  Release your curls using a brush or your fingers to get a more natural look.

13.  To make your manicure last refresh it by applying a layer of clear every two or three days.

14.  Make your eyes look less red by applying white eyeliner in your waterline.

15.  Apply a bit of shimmery gloss on the center of your upper and bottom lips and create the illusion of having fuller lips.

16.  Use a hair serum to rock a statement-making sleeked back style.

17.  To create the perfect cat eye look opt for a thin brush that’s tapered to the point.

18.  Apply bronzer under the cheekbone, highlighter on the cheekbone and blend well to make your cheekbones look higher than naturally are.

19.  Apply a bit of volumizing spray or gel to the roots of your hair before you blow dry in order to get the perfect volumized style.

20.  Extend the lip line by using a pink lip liner and create the Illusion of having bigger lips.

21.  Add 2 or 3 drops of saline solution into the tube of your mascara and swirl the brush to prevent it from completely drying out.

22.  Once you notice a pimple on your face you need to rush applying tea tree oil on in order to get the desired flawless look.

23.  This refers to summer season: apply sunscreen of 50 SPF on your feet when if you go barefoot.

24.  Stick with a cleanser with salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide and forget about acnes forever!

25.  Consider your undertones when choosing a red lipstick otherwise you’ll end up making the wrong choice.

26.  Never choose sunscreens that offer “all-day protection” and “water resistance” as these formulas never come with guaranteed results.

27.  When self-tanning the best you can do is use a tanner with a color guide.

28.  Finding red lipsticks ‘’too much’’? Wear one and blot it off for a more natural look.

29.  Stick with BB creams or tinted moisturizers in the summer season to avoid heavy makeup looks.

30.  Use blotting paper to control the shine of excess oil in T-zone.

31.  Skip heavy foundations during allergy seasons as allergy medicine might dry out your skin.

32.  To create the perfect curls make sure you’re working on completely dry hair.

33.  Never pick your acnes or pimples as that way you will only worsen their condition and spread the bacteria.

34.  Exfoliate your body and your face two or three times a week to get smoother effects.

35.  Never go to sleep without washing your face and having your makeup removed.

36.  Never wear too much bronzer if you’re pale skinned as that will turn your look to a total disaster.

37.  Opt for sulfate-free shampoos to maintain the healthy condition of your hair.

38.  Avoid conditioning the roots of your hair if you have greasy hair.

39.  Always line up your lips with a lip liner when wearing a bold color in order to have guanateed long-lasting effects.

40.  Avoid playing with your hair during the day as that might aid oil production and lead to the appearance of excess oil.

41.  Avoid washing your hair every day in order to prevent the production of excess oil. Instead you dry shampoo whenever you feel the need to do so.

42.  Remember moisturizer with SPF is a must.

43.  Get a trim every 6 or 8 weeks in order to get rid of damaged and tangled hair.

44.  Make sure you wash you makeup brushes every once in a while to fight against irritation and break outs.

45.  Clean your makeup bag once a year to get rid of makeup products that are expired.

46.  Add Avocado oil mask in your hair care routine to keep your hair well-hydrated.

47.  Apply clear nail polish on your nails and wipe it off to remove the old nail polish/

48.  Wear Lip balm or gloss with SPF during the summer.

49.  Use dry shampoo spray to add some volume to your hair.

50.  Consider changing your beauty routine with every seasonal change.

51.  For a flawless look stay faithful to the philosophy of ‘’less is more’’.

52.  Apply the most of bronzer around the perimeter of your face and go for lighter layers on your forehead, nose and chin.

53.  To get the perfect curls always apply a volumizer or a curl enhancing product before curling your hair.

54.  Use a damp makeup sponge to apply liquid foundation for more natural effects.

55.  Keep in mind that the right red lipstick will light up your hair, eyes and skin.

56.  To remove a cat-eye makeup you should use a dampened Q-tip.

57.  To maintain your curls take a small amount of pomade and apply it over your curls. Scrunch a little bit to get better results.

58.  Always go to a hair-removal specialist for waxing or any other kind of hair removal as all other choices don’t seem to be safe.

59.  A bit of silvery blue eyeliner on the lower lid can be the perfect finish touch to a flirty look.

60.  Apply a bit of concealer on your eyelids in order to prevent a smudged effect.

61.  Use a gel instead of liquid eyeliner and get the desired effects without putting too much effort on.

62.  Always exfoliate your skin before applying a self-tanner.

63.  Let your hair air dry first and then flat iron it in order to avoid causing any extra heat damages.

64.  Use a pore-minimizing facial wash and a toner to minimize your pores and enjoy the results.

65.  Take vitamins and maintain a healthy diet to maintain your look and stay energized.

66.  Straighten the ends of your hair with a flat iron and follow applying a repair cream to treat split ends.

67.  For better effects stick with natural and effective homemade recipes.

68.  To fix the color of your hair use a color-depositing shampoo. Opt for one with purple tone for brassy hair and one with a green tone to get rid of unwanted redness.

69.  Use eyeshadow or dry shampoo spray to easily cover up the roots of your hair.

70.  Apply highlighter above your cheekbones and on the brow bone to get the desired glowing effects.

71.  Contour cheeks with a matte powder that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone.

72.  When using a cream product always finish off with a translucent powder.

73.  Use a root lifter to add some volume to your hair.

74.  Use a makeup-setting spray to have guaranteed long-lasting effects for the entire day.

75.  Always taste a foundation on your jawline before buying it on order to see whether you’ve picked the right tone.

76.  Dust bright blush in the ends of your hair instead of dyeing your hair and rock a funky hair color trend without putting too much effort on.

77.  Keep in mind that in the summer season you must wash your feet on a daily basis.

78.  Never judge a makeup product by its price.

79.  Never be afraid to experiment with new colors and styles.

80.  Use a mattifying moisturizer to reduce extra shine.

81.  Use a thickening or sea-salt mist before you blow-dry your hair in order to add extra volume to it.

82.  When using eyeshadow primer apply it only when your plan to apply the color.

83.  Always keep in mind that blush is a must and should never be skipped.

84.  Use dark glue to hold false eyelashes on place to create a more natural effect.

85.  Opt for organic beauty products that are FDA certified.

86.  Use a facial exfoliatior on a weekly basis to get smoother effects.

87.  Rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning it to add some extra shine.

88.  Prep your hair with some product before you braid it in order to have guaranteed long-lasting effects.

89.  Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to have perfectly clean hair.

90.  Cover up chipped nail polish by adding a bit of glitter on.

91.  Use a pumice stone on your feet after taking a shower in order to smooth the skin on that surface.

92.  Use an eye-cream to hydrate your under-eye area and prevent eye puffiness.

93.  For those of you who have light hair we suggest putting a lotion over the eyebrows and hair line when self-tanning.

94.  Use makeup removing wipes to remove your makeup if you find yourself too lazy to wash your face.

95.  Take 1-2 Advil before going waxing to prevent pain

96.  Exfoliate well to get rid of ingrown hair.

97.  Note that carrots are good for the hair and need to be included in your diet.

98.  The best time to apply creams is after shower as your skin is de-oiled and perfectly clean.

99.  Throw away your mascara and your liquid eyeliner and get a new one every 3 or 4 months.

100.  Use shampoos and conditioners that are especially designed for colored hair in order to prevent the color from fading.

Wash your face with a cream or milk cleanser for smoother effects.


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