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10 Things to Know about Dry Hair

Silky tresses are our great wish and dream. However, not everyone is born with them. Having a look at the celebrities’ tresses, we feel envious and hurry to purchase a product with magical features to get luxurious locks.

Thus, we do our best to have soft tresses but there is still a problem of dryness that we can’t get rid of. Moreover, the performed actions may give rise to worse results. In this post, we have collected 10 facts to know about dry hair in order to be able to fight against damaged tresses.

Things to Know about Dry Hair

1.  Oil Deprivation in Your Scalp

There is a necessity of lubrication to provide your dry hair with hydration and make them look luxurious. Dryness may be a reason of oil deprivation n your hair and scalp, which doesn’t allow your tresses to be moisturized.  

2.  Lack of Moisture in Your Scalp

Hair cuticles have a protecting feature against all kinds of damage. When heat causes damage to the cuticles, the layers split from your tresses letting oils run away.  

3.  Curly Tresses are Drier Compared with Straight Ones

In case of straight tresses, the natural oil has more chances to slide down your hair length. While this process becomes difficult when having curly tresses, giving rise to dryness.

4.  Too Much Washing will Cause Hair Dryness

As we have already mentioned, hair dryness is a reason of nourishment deprivation. When rinsing your tresses each day, you remove the natural oils. Dry-haired women should limit the use of shampoos and reach for dry shampoos in case of greasy roots.   

5.  Skip Sulfates

Shampoos may be high in detergents, such as sulfates, which are responsible for the lather when rinsing your tresses. Sulfates will remove the natural oil from your hair and scalp. Thus, you had better look for products, which are deprived of sulfates.   

6.  Go for a Deep Conditioning Treatment

In case of dealing with dry hair, you should know that the treatment of deep conditioning should be included in your hair care routine. This treatment will go deeply into your tresses, providing moisture and elasticity. After cleaning your locks, reach for hair masks once weekly, wear a hair cap and after waiting for 15 minutes, you may wash it.

7.  Provide Your Body with Nourishment

To have healthy hair doesn’t mean only going for a good care. You should also nourish your body by drinking much water and enlarging the use of foods high in Omega-3 acids.  

8.  Stay away from Heat as well as Some Products

Though it may seem rather difficult to stay away from styling tools as well as sprays and hair gels, you should know that they are among the reasons of hair dryness. Try to skip them from time to time and a great difference will be noticed. You may create braided or ponytail hairstyle and go for buns as well.

9.  Heat Protectants

If you don’t want to cause extra damage to your hair when applying styling tools, you should make sure your tresses are dry. Moreover, going for heat protectants, your hair will be nourished and protected from any damage, caused by dryness.   

10.  Achieve Glowy Finish with Oils and Serums

Applying a little oil or serum on your tresses (no matter whether they are wet or dry), you will give them moisture and fight against damaged strands. These products are used to provide softness and glow.  

Find the main problems that cause hair dryness and try to get rid of them. They are not difficult to deal with if you carry our right actions and find efficient solutions.


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