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10 Pro Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

If it’s the first time you dare to wear a bold lipstick, skip applying intense pigmented shades. The easiest step of getting accustomed to a bold shade is to go for translucent coverage and gradually opt for an intense hue. These 10 pro makeup tips will help you learn how to wear a bold lipstick correctly.  

Pro Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

1.  Get the Right Hue for the Tone of your Skin

Choosing the right lipstick hue for the tone of your skin is one of the essential steps. In case of fair skin tones, go for pink shades and avoid light orange lipsticks, as they won’t go perfectly with your face tone. In case of light skin tones, you may try various shades without being afraid of bold red or pink hues. Medium skin tones look ideal with orange hues, while pink shades should be skipped.

2.  Bold Lipstick for Slim Lips

If your lips are slim and asymmetrical, the best way of wearing bold lipstick is with great attention. The darker shade you apply, the slimmer look your lips will get. The matte finish may give the same touch, as well. Thus, when choosing bold hues, opt for lighter shades and apply gloss as the final touch.

3.  Color Coordination

When opting for a bold lipstick shade, color coordination becomes very essential. Your lipstick shade should work perfectly with the hues of your accessories and outfits. You had better test several tones before making a right decision. Check one of the bold lipsticks on the upper lip and the other on the lower to find out which one looks ideal.

4.  Exfoliating and Moisturizing Lips

Opting for bold shades means that you should prep your lips beforehand, as they will become the emphasized part of your face. Go for lip exfoliation and don’t forget about moisturizing them before wearing the bold color. The perfect base is essential if you plan applying bold lipstick on your lips. Choose the right shade according to the season. Winter requires wearing glossy lipsticks while summer is for a matte finish.

5.  Never Avoid the Lip Liner

Bold tones are high in pigment and in case you have no desire to go for a frequent lip checking, it’s essential to apply lip liner. Opt for a liner tone that goes best with your lips. You may also apply concealer over your lip edges to define them perfectly.

Pro Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

6.  Opt for a Lip Stain

One of the pro tips for wearing a bold lipstick is to make it last long with the help of a lip stain. After swiping it on the lips apply sheer powder and then go for the lipstick. For a dramatic touch, opt for a lipstick lighter in shade or a bit darker compared with the stain to give depth to the lips.

7.  Avoid Applying Lip Brush

Though the lip brush helps achieve precision, applying bold lipstick becomes easier if you avoid it. To create a dramatic vibe with the bold lipstick, you are recommended swiping the color, using a pencil or just going for the lipstick tube.    

8.  Apply Blotting Paper

Blotting papers are essential when dealing with a bold lipstick. Blotting sheets are able to bring out the emollients from the pigment. Experiment with them to wear your bold lipstick for a long time even in case of applying powder.

9.  The Importance of Maintenance

When experimenting with the bold lipstick, there is certainly a necessity of touch ups. You are recommended keeping concealer in your bag to be able to get rid of the smudges. The effortless way to perform it is to keep a lip brush soaked in concealer and use it.

10.  Balance Your Makeup

If you are interested how to rock a bold lipstick, you should balance your makeup. Go for a minimal eye makeup and focus on foundation as well as concealer. Creating an even complexion is a must and you may emphasize your lashes. Opt for a curling tool for a sophisticated touch and wear a bold lipstick.

In case you seek for a dramatic appearance, discover the best ways of wearing bold lipstick, from choosing the right tone and being assured that it stays long without the necessity of reapplication.


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