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10 Precious Blush Hacks to Take Into Account

Choosing the right type of blush and getting the ideal brush are the essential hacks in achieving the best of the blush. From applying it in the right way according to the shape of your face to getting a blush from natural shades, take into account these 10 precious blush hacks.

Precious Blush Hacks to Take Into Account

1.  Use Lipstick as Blush

If you have no blush at hand or you don’t consider that there is a need of blush reapplication when being outside, reach for your lipstick. Use it as a cream blush in case it is a light shade. You should just swipe it on the back part of the hand and spread it on your cheeks with the help of your two fingers without forgetting about blending.   

2.  Consider the Shape of Your Face

One of the precious blush hacks is its application according to the shape of our face, instead of the look you desire to get. In case of an oval face, begin with the cheek apples and apply it a little upward. In case of round face forms, the right place of applying blush is on the cheekbones to make them look slimmer. For square face forms, swipe the blush on the apples and for faces in a heart shape, spread it underneath the cheek apples and go for blending, taking the upwards direction.   

3.  Achieve Matte Lipstick

Make your glossy lipstick become matte by applying a little blush with the help of the index finger. Just go for dabbing the blush on your lips and the lipstick will get a matte finish. You may also grasp a slim tissue and swipe the blush on it. This precious hack is advised in case the blush shade doesn’t go ideally with your lipstick color.

4.  Get a Long Lasting Blush

Applying cream blush with powder one will help you get a long lasting look, which is another precious blush hack. First apply the cream blush and blend it and after waiting for several minutes layer it with the sheer powder. Complete the look by applying powder blush and you will achieve a long lasting makeup.

5.  Use Your Blush as a Lip Stain

If there is a necessity of a color on your lips and you only own a blush together with a chapstick at hand, get a rapid lip stain with the help of a blush. Swipe the chapstick and then go for powder blush dabbing. After a perfect blending, you will get an amazing finish.

6.  Achieve a Green Shade

Take into account another precious blush hack and give it a try. Create your own blush shade, applying natural tones. You may make a choice from various powders or go for an arrowroot starch to achieve the ideal shade. You have a chance to apply raspberries in a dry form or opt for cocoa. For a red finish, opt for saffron mixed with the arrowroot starch, In case you want to get a soft pink shade, blend the saffron and the corn flour.  

7.  Cream blush Blending

Blending becomes a bit difficult if you apply cream blush over your dry skin. To achieve the ideal look, there is a necessity of using a synthetic makeup sponge as well as liquid foundation. To create a natural look, blend the blush with your foundation.   

8.  Cream Blush Restoring

If you notice the cream blush drying, experiment with another precious blush hacks and restore it with the help of alcohol (70%). Add several drops; go for stirring, using a makeup brush end until your blush revives its consistency.      

9.  Powder Blush Fixing

In case you break your blush, reach for alcohol and fix this problem. Put a plastic wrap on the blush for sealing and then go for crushing. Soften your powder blush by pouring alcohol and its original form will be restored. After the evaporation of the alcohol, you may use your powder blush.

10.  Apply Foundation for Blush Taming

Here is a great blush hack, which will aid you waste less time and fix your blush when being in a hurry. Don’t opt for the makeup remover and instead apply foundation on your blush. Concealer may also be another great choice for blush taming.

Using these precious blush hacks, you will enjoy an ideal application. These effortless tips for applying blush not only on the cheeks but also on the lips will aid you achieve a glamorous appearance.


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