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10 Best Foods for Natural Tan

Using healthy fruits and veggies can greatly influence on your skin, providing it with an amazing glow. Numerous studies prove that consuming foods high in beta-carotene can change your skin tone just in a month, using 5 servings daily.

Packed with carotenoids as well as antioxidants, foods providing a natural tan to your skin involve orange fruits and veggies together with leafy greens. In case you have no desire to go for self-tanning as well as natural tanning, the right diet may help you achieve the desired glow. If you are interested, have a look at the best foods for natural tan.

Best Foods for Natural Tan

1.  Use Carrots

Carrots are among the best vegetables rich in beta-carotene. They are considered one of the best options for getting a natural tan. You should go for a single carrot daily or just several ones weekly. Carrot overusing may provide an orange shade to your skin.   

2.  Opt for Sweet Potatoes

Packed with antioxidants, we regard the sweet potatoes as one of the foods that enable a natural tan. Besides, they give your skin a great source of Vitamin A, which boosts the melanin production. However, you shouldn’t overuse sweet potatoes, as they are high in carbs, as well.  

3.  Use Tomatoes

Tomatoes are able to provide you with a natural tan at the beach due to the lycopene. Tomatoes may be a fabulous option for an amazing glow without the need of sun exposure. Apply them in the fresh form and don’t add salt, as it will be healthier.      

4.  Opt for Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is another healthy option to stick to, if you seek for a natural tan. This food is rich in beta-carotene as well as numerous vitamins. Using butternut squash, you will get fiber, which is great for the digestion process and may be efficient for the skin.  

5.  Use red Bell Peppers

Spicing up the salads with bell peppers may be a fantastic idea, and the red option is among the foods for a natural tan. In case it’s difficult for you to get the red bell pepper, seek for orange and yellow ones, as they are packed with carotenoids, which are a great for your skin glow.

6.  Go for Pumpkin

Fall offers another food for a natural tan. Pumpkin may be used in numerous recipes as a delicious and healthy ingredient. Instead of going for pumpkin drinks with a great flavor, add it in your diet plan in a fresh form. Being rich in beta-carotene as well as antioxidants, pumpkin is also a great source of fiber.  

7.  Opt for Cantaloupe

Being a natural tanner, cantaloupe melons are a high source of vitamins and water, becoming a fantastic snack, which makes you feel fill. Using cantaloupe is a great way to diminish inflammation, as well.   

8.  Eat Apricots and Peaches

 Packed with Vitamin C as well as beta-carotene, these fruits are amazing for the skin. Plums in a dark shade will add a fabulous glow to your skin, thus you had better involve them in your daily diet plan.

9.  Opt for Kale as Well as Spinach

Deep green leafy greens are beneficial for the skin, but we give much importance to kale and spinach. If you are looking for a tasty and healthy meal, stick to these greens, as they are also rich in minerals and essential vitamins. Achieve your natural tan with the application of kale and spinach.   

10.  Use Olive Oil

When many foods, which are your key to a natural tan, are packed with beta-carotene, olive oil can really change the look of your skin. Due to the healthy fats, your skin will become softer. You may add it into salads as well as include in many recipes.  

Instead of exposing your skin to UV rays and causing damage to it, enjoy a natural tan using these 10 best foods.

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