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10 Beauty Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

We often stick to the same beauty routine for a long time, believing in certain myths created by generation. We are familiar with the application of the toothpaste on the pimple or ignoring sunscreen, if it’s not sunny outside. However, there are beauty myths you shouldn’t believe in, as they cause damage. The myths are concerned not only with hair and skin, but with makeup, as well.

Beauty Myths You Shouldn't Believe In

1.  You are able to Diminish the Pores

This beauty myth should be ignored, as the pores don’t change their size. There are products which may prevent them from appearing but they can’t diminish the size of the pimple.

2.  The Shampoo Won’t Work on Your Hair if You Use it Continuously

It’s one of the great beauty mistakes if you consider that changing shampoos from time to time will be beneficial for your hair. The frequent use of shampoo won’t make your hair lose its quality. You may only change it in case your hair has been dyed or there has been a change in climate.

3.  Makeup will Give Rise to Breakouts

Cosmetics don’t cause any harm to your skin. Makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe even if you cover it with foundation. It’s a must to apply exfoliating and moisturizing products. Cleansing your skin is of great importance as well, if you want to get rid of dirt or extra grease from your skin, which may cause breakouts.

4.  Hair Products May Help You Get Rid of Split Ends

We will have to disappoint you but you shouldn’t believe in the beauty myth that hair products are able to remove split hair ends. Though serums will make your hair smoother and the split ends invisible, the best method to get rid of them is having them cut.

5.  Products which are Expensive are More Beneficial

You shouldn’t stick to products which are expensive, considering that they are beneficial for your skin. There are numerous cheap products that have the same effect. The secret lies in their formula and the ingredients they are rich in.

6.  There is no Necessity of Applying Sunscreen if There is no Sun

This beauty myth should definitely be ignored, as you may be exposed to UV rays even on gloomy days. You should reach for sunscreen in any weather if you want your skin to be protected.

7.  After Grey Hair Plucking You will Face Even More

We all believe in the beauty myth that grey hair shouldn’t be plucked; otherwise you will have even more. However, you can’t augment the follicle number just by getting rid of a grey hair.

8.  Toothpaste has a Cleansing Feature for You Pimples

Toothpastes have a cleansing quality for your pimples because they are high in baking soda and are packed with hydrogen peroxide. They will make the pimples dry but you are more recommended opting for anti-acne products. Moreover, toothpastes have an irritating feature and may give rise to blemishes. Thus, you had better go for spot treatmets.

9.  Thick Hair is a Result of Shaving

When shaving your legs, you get rid of the thickest hair section, as you trim the midshaft. After growing back, you will have stiff hair instead of thick.

10.  Steam has a Pore Opening Feature

Steam seems a fabulous idea to open the pores. But like in case of their dimension, it’s not possible to make the pores bigger. They have a stretching feature, and steam will make the adhesive substance loose in order to cleanse them.

Thus, you should be very careful when following these beauty myths, as there may be essential details you didn’t know about. Don’t believe in these beauty myths, as they can’t be totally beneficial.

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