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10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Hair

There are certain mistakes in your beauty program that may unintentionally spoil your overall look. Have a look at these bad habits that ruin your hair and prevent you from looking gorgeous.

1.  Pulling off High Updo Hairstyles

Rocking a high updo hairstyle continuously is one of the bad habits that ruin your hair. It will pull your hair roots and make your tresses get lost. Instead, opt for loose hairstyles and give your scalp a chance to breathe freely. Besides, your hair will look very attractive and appealing.

Bad Habits that Ruin Your Hair

2.  Leaving Your Tresses Wet

Though wet hairstyles are trendy and chic, you are not advised to rush outdoors without completely drying your tresses even if your aim is to get a messy hairstyle. Bare in your mind that wet tresses have a tendency to bend and may cause frizz. Not to ruin your hair, you had better dry your hair totally and then apply the cool air.

3.  Prepping Your Tresses in the Improper Way

Here is another bad habit that will ruin your hair. When sticking to a hairspray before applying the hot tool, you will spoil your tresses and cause drying. Hairspray is high in alcohol, which will give rise to static and make your curls loose. Thus, you are advised to opt for products, which contain no alcohol and may be great for prepping your tresses.

4.  Keeping Your Hair Dryer Too Close to Your Hair

To protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer, you had better use a diffuser or go for a nozzle. Otherwise, you will end up with ruined hair. In case you own none of these tools, you should keep the blow-dryer a bit away from your locks. Consider that it’s essential to purify the filter in order enhance the air flow, as the debris may impede it.

5.  Braiding Your Hair in a Very Tight Way

Styling a loose braided hairstyle with wet tresses, you will get subtle waves. But if you braid your hair tightly, when it’s still damp, you will definitely face breakage. However, if you are prone to a tight braided hairstyle, make sure your have dried your hair completely.

6.  Using a Towel to Dry Curly Hair

Give up one of your bad habits and skip applying towel to dry your curly hair, as the cloth will make your hair ends split. You had better replace your towel with a T-shirt or opt for a microfiber.

7.  Going Too Far with Highlights

If you don’t want to ruin your hair, avoid highlights to transform your look or hide grey tresses. Otherwise, your hair will become dry and unhealthy. Highlights are for emphasizing the shade of your hair and provide texture. When opting for highlights, you had better stick to variants which are deprived of ammonia.

8.  Using Tools When Your Hair is Wet

When being in a hurry, you may stick to one of the bad habits and apply flat/curling iron on your wet tresses. It will lead to hair breakage and make you go over the same hair strand several times. Consider that before reaching for a tool, you should make your tresses dry, as it has cuticle sealing feature.

9.  Not Applying Conditioner

There are many women who avoid applying conditioner, as they are afraid of its weighing feature. However, it’s among the bad habits that will cause damage to your hair. Conditioner is a right product to keep your tresses healthy. It is like you skip applying moisturizing product on your skin, causing dryness. You may seek for a conditioner with a light ingredient and apply it on your hair ends. Then rinse the product with lukewarm water.

10.  Choosing Wrong Pillowcases

Sleeping on pillowcases made of satin and silk may be great for your hair. Pillowcases made of cotton may give rise to friction as well as frizz. You may also reach for a scarf, which is made of silk.

If you crave for healthy-looking hair without breakage and frizz, learn the right way of treating it, skipping these bad habits that definitely ruin your hair.


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